About Our Employees And Staff:

HomeFirst is a place where they love working as they are truly valued, treated with dignity and respect and are encouraged to be the best they can be.  They understand and believe in our mission and are enthusiastic and passionate about the critical role they have in both the success of the company and the outcomes of patients.  HomeFirst provides training, development, state-of-the-art technology, opportunities for personal growth and open lines of communication.  They believe in HomeFirst’s mission and strive to do the right things, the right way, all the time.

Core Values:

We recognize our employees are our most important resource in accomplishing our mission.

We treat all employees with dignity, respect, and compassion.  We provide a place of work that is recognized as superior and desirable.

We proactively seek to understand each employee’s needs and satisfaction with us.

We provide honest, accurate, clear communication throughout all levels of the organization.

At all level’s employees have confidence in the leadership of the organization.

We have unwavering corporate integrity and ethics in all we do.